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Saturday, 17 January 2015

The traditional notion of retirement, where one stops working completely and enjoys leisure time with friends and family, is obsolete. Surveys find that about two-thirds of workers view retirement from a full-time job as an opportunity for continued productive employment. Nearly seven in ten workers expect to continue to work full-time or part-time/temporary jobs following retirement from their main jobs, including 15% who expect to start their own business. Only 13% expect to stop working entirely.
Among today's workers who have retired from their primary job but are still in the workforce, 54 percent went back to work because they needed income. 

Practical Steps to Help You Find Employment
  1. If you are still working, talk to department heads/hiring managers at your employer before retiring and make sure they understand that you are available for project assignments after you "retire." It’s the hiring managers that make these decisions, and they are the HR department's clients. Build a departure network. That doesn't mean you shouldn't also connect with appropriate managers within HR. Do this as well.
  2. Outside of your former employers, you must be able to identify your value to prospective consulting clients or consulting firms to appropriately market yourself. To do this, you should: 
    • Assess your experience, skill sets, general knowledge, etc.
    • Assess how your experience translates to marketable skills of value to their needs.
    • Identify potential market opportunities.
    • Look for a place to start as a consultant.
  3. Network in your industry with employers who are competitors or at least identify them. If possible, identify hiring managers within these organizations while you are still working so you can contact them for project assignments after you "retire." Perhaps do so at trade shows and other such venues. The location of these firms need not be local as you could elect to work a project assignment in another geographic location.
  4. Identify firms outside of your industry that hire people with your experience and skill sets so you can contact them for project assignments after you retire.
  5. Depending on your function and industry, consider starting a consulting firm where you can offer your services on a project basis after you retire. You should also consider identifying and becoming affiliated with existing consulting firms that serve the markets in which you are involved. Maintain your network as this is extremely valuable to you as well as any firm you may join.
  6. Consider volunteering using your experience on a project basis. Some of these assignments provide payment for your services but most don't. Volunteering also has other advantages as it builds experience and can sometimes lead to prestigious board or committee positions or invitations.
  7. Many executives, managers and professionals don't have the skills to work virtually and collaboratively. If you don't possess these skills, you must get training if you hope to be successful in acquiring project assignments after retiring. Much of the project or consultative work you get is likely to be done remotely as opposed to on site. You will need "leading edge" communications skills to be successful. If you don’t already have them, you must acquire them — preferably before leaving your job.
  8. Search for a temporary, part-time, project-based or seasonal job while you're still working to have a better idea of what this market space looks like.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Skills FOR Success

Here are the top skills that can get you a dream job in 2015

With an improvement in global and domestic business sentiments coupled with the government’s policy approach, 2015 seems promising. The year is expected to witness an impressive growth in both the employment as well as business scenario. In fact, the employment scenario will see a 10-14 per cent increase in hiring. Some of the niche skills that will be in demand are:  
Data analytics - Data is fast changing the way we do businesses. A strategic tool, it can impact the business growth in more ways than one. Be it the IT and ITeS industry, healthcare, pharma, financial services or fashion and lifestyle, the skill will be much sought-after in all industries.
Digital marketing - With India’s Internet population crossing more than 200 million, this skill will be the toast of 2015. Employers will be increasingly looking for talent who are capable of effectively managing and executing marketing projects or campaigns, including ideation, creation, and distribution of collaterals across online media. Knowledge about the impact measurement and analysis will be an added advantage. 
Apart from the above technical skills, some of the profiles that will witness an increase in demand in the coming year are:

Financial planner - With the banking industry slowly gaining ground, the profile is expected to witness a surge in its demand. 
Senior SAS programmer - Sought after by Contract Research Organisations (CRO) / pharmaceutical / biotechnology / clinical research companies, the profile is expected to witness a stupendous growth in the coming year. The profile is expected to grow by around 22 per cent.

Retail (merchandise) planner – The retail sector contributes around ten per cent of the GDP and around eight per cent of employment in the country. Apart from the traditional brick and mortar format, with growing acceptance of e-commerce, the sector is expected to witness a stupendous growth, both in term of business as well as employment.  
On-the-job training is the lowest hanging fruit in skill-development. From a corporate perspective also, it is extremely beneficial as it increases productivity, lowers net costs of training (versus training non apprentices), ensures greater staff retention, and a more highly motivated workforce.

Article courtesy : Ascent
Ashok Reddy