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Friday, 25 July 2014

Start a new journey.....

Not everybody retires by choice. Sometimes people are forced to do so due to illness or physical problems that prevent them from continuing in their careers, or financial considerations such as layoffs. Sometimes these forced or early retirements result in a big financial burden.
But even if you do retire by choice, and even if you have enough money coming in to support yourself, you could find that retirement isn't all that you thought it would be. Going from working a full-time job to having nowhere specific that you "have" to be each day sounds fantastic, but some retirees end up feeling bored and unproductive. After years of a structured schedule, the hours can seem endless.
Whether you retire because you want to or because you have to, it's possible to make your retirement years happy and healthy, you just need to approach things a bit differently. There are many benefits to continuing in the workforce in some capacity, assuming you're able to do so.
Making money and bolstering your financial situation is one of them. Many people are finding that their savings aren't going as far as they thought due to the rising cost of everything from gas to insurance. Even if you're in a good place financially, you could use the money to pay off debts or save for an extended vacation or home improvements. Having a regular schedule and interacting with different people on a daily basis can also help maintain the emotional and mental health of retirees.
In some companies, transitioning to part-time or flex time is an option for people in their retirement years. Maybe just cutting back is a good compromise between continuing those 60-hour work weeks and fully retiring. Retirees can take part-time jobs, either related to their previous careers or in an entirely different field.

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