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Friday, 25 July 2014

Start a new journey.....

Not everybody retires by choice. Sometimes people are forced to do so due to illness or physical problems that prevent them from continuing in their careers, or financial considerations such as layoffs. Sometimes these forced or early retirements result in a big financial burden.
But even if you do retire by choice, and even if you have enough money coming in to support yourself, you could find that retirement isn't all that you thought it would be. Going from working a full-time job to having nowhere specific that you "have" to be each day sounds fantastic, but some retirees end up feeling bored and unproductive. After years of a structured schedule, the hours can seem endless.
Whether you retire because you want to or because you have to, it's possible to make your retirement years happy and healthy, you just need to approach things a bit differently. There are many benefits to continuing in the workforce in some capacity, assuming you're able to do so.
Making money and bolstering your financial situation is one of them. Many people are finding that their savings aren't going as far as they thought due to the rising cost of everything from gas to insurance. Even if you're in a good place financially, you could use the money to pay off debts or save for an extended vacation or home improvements. Having a regular schedule and interacting with different people on a daily basis can also help maintain the emotional and mental health of retirees.
In some companies, transitioning to part-time or flex time is an option for people in their retirement years. Maybe just cutting back is a good compromise between continuing those 60-hour work weeks and fully retiring. Retirees can take part-time jobs, either related to their previous careers or in an entirely different field.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Professional's Interview and Experience with Talent58

Interview of Dr.Yashvir Singh Goel

Q1- Your latest designation and company? Some words about your pre-retirement experience?
Ans1- Worked as Chief Engineer in Power/Steel/Automobile Sector. Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Head of Department at IIT Delhi. Also, I was the Co-Founder of Rawal Group of Institutions.

I am a Graduate from IIT Khadakpur, and since that time, I have been working and side by side learning new things. Through this learning while working principle of mine, I have been able to achieve specialization in varied fields like designing, construction etc.

Q2- Sir, a short story.. an inspirational one .. through your career, which you would like to share with us ?
Ans2- Usually people pursue engineering, find a suitable job and that’s it. But for me.. I have been updating my knowledge since that time. Work experience plus latest knowledge is the perfect combination that instills a feeling of confidence in a person. Even skilled engineers work for whole of their life with the theoretical knowledge that they have, but being a continuous learner portrays a multi faceted experienced personality of a person.

Q3- What is the biggest achievement of your life/career?
Ans3- I am the FOUNDER DIRECTOR of Rawal Group of Institutions for courses like M. Tech, MBA, MCA, Hotel Management etc. This institute received the BEST EMERGING Institute in Delhi NCR award by Times Group. So, this is probably the biggest achievement of my life.
Moreover, I have received a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Q4-The biggest challenge you faced in life, and how you overcame it?
Ans4- Firstly, getting into IIT was a big challenge for me. Not only getting into it, but also surviving in such competitive environment needed a lot of toil on my part.

As of now, dealing with such bureaucracy and stringent rules and procedures turns out to be a big challenge. A night before you are the CEO of a big organization and all decisions are taken by you, and next day.. in the morning when you wake up.. You become Useless !! For some jobs there can be a retirement age, but not for every job… It’s wastage of a person actually.

In USA, there is no retirement age. People can work as long as they feel like working. Rules should be made flexible because rigid rules hamper the growth of the society and the nation as a whole.

Q5-What keeps you motivated to work even after retirement?
Ans5- Having Doctorate in Engineering from IITs is an achievement in itself and I do not want it to go waste. My knowledge has the potential to be utilized by the organizations and contribute to the society and the nation. Not just contribution, rather, I would like to make a MEMORABLE contribution to the society.

Q6- What keeps you busy after retirement?
Ans6- I am currently working as an Advisor in various organizations. Also, as I mentioned earlier that I am a continuous learner, I keep myself busy in research work and writing research papers.

Q7- Have your work priorities changed post retirement?
Ans7- No, I am fortunate in this regard. My family is very supportive and I can do any research or study work at this age without any pressure from their side.

Q8- Do you like this idea?
Ans8- I like this idea very much. This is the only job portal I have seen which is actually meant for retired persons. Also, I feel that this is very much a social requirement. This resource should not go waste as we retired professionals have so much of knowledge; both theoretical and practical, then why should it be wasted. I think it is a great idea. Because of this mandatory retirement age in our country I believe that you people have a very bright future and I bless you with best of my wishes.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Professional's Interview and Experience with Talent58

General Manager of Indian Ordinance Factory:- Surjeet Nafri

Q1- Your latest designation and company? Some words about your pre-retirement experience?
Ans 1- Worked as GM in Indian Ordinance Factory.
I strongly feel that pre retirement is an important phase in a person’s life. I have worked whole
heartedly to add value to the company and build strong relationships. Still looking for avenues and opportunities to contribute to the society with my knowledge and skills.

Q2- Sir, a short story.. an inspirational one .. through your career, which you would like to share with us ?
Ans2- Mainly followed a unique management principle. I focused on Soft skills apart from routine work of the company. Also, I have always worked as a leader and not just a manager. The essential difference between the two terms is that a manager forces the subordinates to do the work within the time frame allotted, rather, a leader motivates his/her subordinates to perform a particular job. A leader takes the initiative and helps the subordinates in case they face any problem. He/She connects with them to understand them. I focused on building relationships.. strong ones … with the colleagues as well as the clients which made me an IRREPLACABLE employee of the organization. Moreover, I used to celebrate the birthdays, festivals and other events to make the employees feel that this company is not mere a profit making organization, rather, it is a family. I have always looked after my subordinates like my own people and shared problems with them and tried to help them in every situation as far as possible.

Q3- What is the biggest achievement of your life/career?
Ans3- I won a gold medal by giving spectacular performance in a 9 month training programme organized by the Indian Institute of Public administration.

Q4-The biggest challenge you faced in life, and how you overcame it?
Ans4- The biggest challenge in my career turned out to be the TRADE UNIONS. The organizations consider them to be destructive elements who hamper and slow down the smooth work going on in the company.
Management believes that these unions are separate entities working against the organization but I created an impression that unions are the pillars of the organization. I assigned them very important roles to inculcate a sense of respect and responsibility in them. I strongly feel that the unions are an important part of the organization, whose energy, if channelized properly…..can create miracles.

Q5- What keeps you motivated to work even after retirement?
Ans5- I do not want to waste precious hours of my life sitting idle in my home. I want to keep myself busy. Moreover, I have the capability and the qualification to face any type of situation. My health also allows me to utilize my knowledge and skills for the benefit of the society.

Q6- What keeps you busy after retirement?
Ans6- Chairman of the housing society now. So, it keeps me very busy.

Q7- How have your work priorities changed post retirement? What kind of opportunities have you taken up?
Ans7- Earlier I was not able to concentrate on my family and take out time for them. Now, I spend most of my time with them and I really enjoy their company.
Also, I am the Chairman of the housing society.

Q8- Does your family support the idea of working after retirement?
Ans8- Yes, they are very supportive. They always encourage me to go ahead and help me find good jobs.

Q9- Do you like this idea?
Ans9 -I welcome this idea as it is the only organization which provides job opportunities for retired people. This is the only company which has tapped this opportunity so well because retired professionals are full of knowledge and expertise and no other organization could capitalize this avenue so far. You people truly encourage us to live life for the second time. People felt that life has come to a halt after retirement, but a company like yours has changed their mindset and motivate them to break the stereotypes and contribute to the society in the best possible manner.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What is Talent58.com?

It is an exclusive portal that has thousands of great consultancy advisory part time full time opportunities assignments on national and international front for the talented people who have been forced to rest owing to government retirement rules. Everyday new opportunities are added.

The portal has profiles of various retired/soon to retire professionals in various fields. Scores of organisations are looking for the much needed expertise available within the retired pool of India.

Retired professionals can choose from several assignments available on this portal suiting their very specific area of interest, location etc.

Whether you are here seeking to supplement your income , a new challenge , or a way to go out and get busy, we ensure your requirements are taken care of.